Meet Our Authors: Matthew H. Jones

Matthew H. JonesMatthew H. Jones writes. Obviously, there’s more to him than that, but the fact of his writing, in this context, is the most important thing. He also lives in Lowell, attends classes at UMass Lowell, and has uneven legs. He encourages you to seek out his books, to decide whether he writes well or poorly. He’s been accused of doing both. If you’d like to know about him or his writing, try screaming his name at a south bound bird. If he doesn’t appear, try his social media links: Facebook and Twitter.

As one of our founding members and current leader, Matthew H. Jones has helped shaped the direction of the Mill Pages writing group.  When he isn’t writing with us, he also writes urban fantasy, including No Magic For Luke Peters, the first book in his Luke Peters series.  His work is included in both editions of Mill Pages.  In volume 1, you can read the first chapter in No Magic for Luke Peters and in volume 2 you can read Do You Regret Me?

No Magic for Luke PetersHow did you get started writing?

I honestly don’t know. Since I was very little, I would make up stories. Ask for writing seriously – writing to be published -, that’s a moving goal post. I wrote an 114,000-word manuscript, and I thought I was serious then. The manuscript was completely unedited and had plot holes big enough to drive trucks through. I also queried agents at random with a multiple-paged query letter. Looking back, I wasn’t serious.  

What types of stories do you like to write?

I’m goofy for violence. It’s come to the plot that I’m proud of myself when people in my stories argue instead of kick and punch. I want to be funny and sometimes, I succeed. However, my stories hang in dark corners.

Who influenced you most as a writer?

I read Stephen King a lot, and I will readily take his advice.

What’s the first book you remember reading?

The Henry and Mudge series: I’m not exactly sure why I read so many of these ready-to-read books. I remember my school’s librarian knew I read this series exclusively and I lost one of her books. Until I returned it, I couldn’t take out another book. I ended up paying the library for the book but the book was never replaced.

What movie, TV-show, YouTube channel, or blog do you think more people should watch (just pick one) and why?

In modern life, there is too much culture. It’s way more acceptable to “miss out” on certain things. When there were ten channels to choose from and they all went off by midnight, required reading made more sense. If I can retool the question to say “What shows do I wish people got behind so I could still watch it,” then I’d say Alphas. The show cost next to nothing and the writing kicked ass. If Supernatural could have twelve seasons, why did Alphas only get two? Granted, the two leads on Supernatural are beautiful in a way that even heterosexual men have to admit. But, Alphas had a pretty boy; half as many, so they should have gotten half as many seasons, at least.    

5 Things you want us to know about you:

  1. I’m a liar and insincere as hell. Half of my personality hangs off of guiltily hiding the fact that I forgot someone’s name and how I know them.
  2. I understand that I’m likable because people seem to like me. However, if I knew someone like me, I don’t think I’d hang out with him.
  3. In conversation, I will sometimes stop paying attention because something you said gave me an idea for a story. I was with friends last night, talking about drinking games. ”You don’t even have to watch the movie; I’ll just tell you when to drink.” That made me think of a cute, Jewish woman being the personification of Alcoholism, following you around, randomly commanding you to get drunk.
  4. Many writers place great importance of the names of their characters. In most cases, I place no importance at all. I think it was wrong-headed to name Remus Lupin that. When his parents were figuring out a name for him, did his father say: “I bet he’ll be the kind of guy who gets attacked by werewolves. Instead of protecting him from that fate, let’s give everyone else a hint at how clever we are”? Han Solo isn’t cool because George Lucas named him that.
  5. I like beer. I drink it, too.

Buy your copy of  No Magic For Luke Peters, the first book in his Luke Peters series.  Don’t for get Mill Pages volume 1, to read the first chapter in No Magic for Luke Peters and volume 2 to read Do You Regret Me?

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