Volume 3 Poetry Preview

As you may have already heard, the next volume of Mill Pages is debuting on September 30th! To add to the hype for our blog readers, here is what to expect from the poets in the newest issue. Flash fiction may take up the most space in the issue but poets are masters of invoking emotional responses with few words. Poets carefully craft images knowing every word choice is crucial and, of course, throw in the occasional rhyme.

As one of the poets featured, I will take this opportunity to use many words to discuss a bit about my own work in the issue, Five Nightmares. I was prompted by my waking anxieties and fears expressed as nightmares. Punctuation is purposefully absent to heighten the pace and mimic sensations of panic. He grounding for the reader instead is the repetition of select calming words, a coping mechanism in absence of a solution.

In this new issue, you will find serious, scary, and sometimes, even silliness contained in the poems. We can’t wait to hear your interpretations and reactions!


By: Katelyn Varley

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