Purim Fling – Spicy Romance by Sara Marks

Purim Fling coverOur own Sara Marks has published the first in a series of four spicy romance novelettes set around the Jewish holidays.

It’s not easy to find time for even a fun fling when you work three jobs and sleep in your childhood bedroom.

Jenna is stuck. It’s been nine months since she graduated from college and moved in with her parents. She hasn’t had a hint of romance for even longer. That changes when she meets Asher, who’s in town for a business meeting, at the Temple’s annual Singles Purim Party.

Asher is bored. He’s doesn’t do relationships, especially with women who want the suburban white picket fence life. That changes after a drunken hook up with Jenna; he can’t get her out of his head and wants more.

A quick fling is just what they both need to find themselves again. Purim Fling is a fun story about learning about who you really are and standing up for what you really want.

You can buy the ebook on Amazon or get it for free if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited.

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