Kraulaak – A Horror Short Story Collection by Sara Marks

aabccfac-9562-41b1-bc11-2a3c3cacb5e9Sara’s been busy this year! She’s released two of her Jewish holiday novelettes and now she’s excited to finally be releasing Kraulaak, a collection of short horror stories.

It seems like a small, quiet library in a small New England town.  Underneath is a secret that enslaves them all.  Kraulaak, a frozen wasteland, demands sacrifices, waiting on the other end of a concealed portal.

These eight stories consider different points of views: the children who know something is wrong, the reporter who stumbled on something strange, two of the librarians managing the portal, and even Kraulaak itself.  What is Kraulaak and what does it want? Explore this hungry world with author Sara Marks.

You can read “1000 Things I Saw Before I Died” in Mill Pages Vol. 2 or buy the entire collection in both ebook and paperback through these vendors:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble (Nook) | Kobo

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