Matthew H. Jones finally released his collection of failed love stories for the public’s consumption. Everywhere you go, you’ll find two things: 1. Incredible stories of people loving hard and epically in spite of all the things making love impossible. 2. Lonely people who can’t make love work. Books, music, movies, society, everything makes it seem like love is a natural thing that just happens like love is akin to gravity.


Life and the stories inside this collection suggest that love is hard as hell. Love is running up a hill when you’ve spent too many years playing video games and eating hamburgers. Love is swimming for the shore when the water is cold and your muscle starts to seize. The symptoms of love can be fun. And seriously, the good parts of love are worth the bad parts but love is a fucking buzzkill. It’s not cool.


Like, Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear and gave it to a girl. It’s obviously a crazy thing to do. It’s a buck-wild leap in logic to think that anyone would want that. Like, trying to guess at Van Gogh’s logic, maybe he wanted her to think he had been kidnapped and the kidnappers meant business. He didn’t include a ransom note. Possibly, she was unhinged too and asked for it.  But, One knows nothing about his and her relationship but one assumes she didn’t ask for an ear. Guys have a deeper and richer culture of doing stupid, crazy nonsense and doing it without girls being into it.


However… it also makes sense in a weird way because people knock on every door. Love will walk you into the weird parts of Crazytown. One wonders if cutting off an ear fixed it. Like, did it stop the love feelings or make the girl love Van Gogh. Did he stroll hand-in-hand with her in wedded bliss and when asked his secret, did he smile and say “get rid of the ear. She’ll be yours forever.” Did it fix it, Mr. Starry Night?


Stories inside:

An Honest Romance – A first date with two people being entirely honest.

A Nihilistic Story about Eva – A man breaks up with a woman as her father dies.

Carla Maine – A woman learns to hate men.

A Life Line Cut – Two people’s love life is screwed up by the apocalypse.

Jane Barnes – A woman watches her time run out.

Do You Regret Me? – Two people settle for each other because true love is hard.


Thank you for considering this collection. Consider buying it?




Wish I Could Love You: A Collection of Failed Love Stories

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