Matty Books Good: On Honesty



The third book in the Matty Books Good Series is available for purchase on Kindle. In this edition, author Matthew H. Jones details his real-life experience of being admitted into the emergency room and the Intensive Care Unit of Lowell General Hospital. For five days, he ruminated on honesty and the importance of the same. Because Matty Books Good is a writing series, he relates his experiences to authorial honesty – telling one’s personal truths when they are writing and learning from what you find therein. 


Admittedly, a true story of a man’s critical ailment due to his own stupidity isn’t necessarily funny.  And, the aim of the Matty Books Good series is to educate and amuse at the same time. It’d be weird if the reader laughs their ass off with every page but if that’s fine if the reader does it. This story will entertain, move, and surprise. If you’re on the fence still, here’s an excerpt from Matty Books Good: On Honesty


“I want to tell you a story and the point of the story is that honesty is important. Writing – even fiction writing – is about honesty. All expression – spoken or written – originates from the speaker or writer. Every kind of expression is biased to the creator’s purposes We all know the saying History is written by the winners. There is an entire branch of study – Historiography – devoted to the understanding that we aren’t getting the whole truth in our history books. Down below is my history, and it might not be the whole truth. I believe all this to be true, and I think that other characters in this story might agree with me. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Objective truth isn’t easy to find, and it isn’t a natural thing to the human mind. We do not think as a monolith. Even our deaths are subjective. When our hearts stop and our eyes close for the last time, we can rot in the ground or we can go to Heaven. You can come back to Earth as a baby or an animal or you can never leave, haunting your enemies and protecting your friends. 


Subjective truth is a lot more the speed of the people of the world. I don’t know how my laptop works. I don’t know how my cell phone works either. However, I’m confident that someone knows exactly how those two things work. Someone thought of every wire and circuit in them. I believe that everything came from a human’s mind. And, I believe that individual was an engineer and not a wizard. That, as much as I believe otherwise, is my subjective truth. I can’t prove a negative and so, I can’t prove that wizards don’t exist. Because I can’t prove that, I can’t prove that a wizard didn’t make my laptop and my phone.”


Matty Books Good: On Honesty


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