Freshness with Change

Hello, Mill Pages. I hope this post finds you well. As August draws to a close and autumn approaches, many of us are eagerly anticipating beautiful leaves, sweater weather, and Halloween. 

Personally, I love summer. I’m basically a reptile – I thrive in the warmth and shrivel in the cold. I also eat only once per week, but we’re going to ignore that part of the equation.

Jokes aside, I find the slow slide into autumn as enjoyable as anyone else, my love of summer aside. Growing up in Alabama, we don’t really have seasons. There’s a silly saying about it, too:  “In the south, the only two seasons are Summer and Christmas”. Most of the time, the leaves barely have time to bask in their beauty before they shrivel and fall to the ground. 

There’s something magical about the crisp air and the multicolored leaves floating down around you. It’s one of those intangible feelings that catches you deep in your bones. The first yellow leaf of each season rings a sad bell as summer slides away, but not all change is bad.

So, what changed for me in the month of August?

  • Another solar orbit achieved: I turned 31, and I actually don’t feel like shit about it. I always assumed that getting older would suck, but I haven’t lost touch of who I am. Seeing so many of my peers change so radically as they have children, get new careers, and “settle down” has always bothered me. I’ve managed to follow my own path without fucking my life up, and that’s awesome.
  • Nonstop Noveling: I’ve finished Act I of the current novel work-in-progress. It’s a fantasy social drama starring a 14 year old protagonist, but don’t you dare call it YA! 😉 
  • Website Upgrades: Slowly but surely, I’m upgrading my personal blog, This month, I cleaned up some old/irrelevant posts and installed a cleaner menu, making it easier to sort through my content. I encourage you to check it out. 

That’s about it for this month. See you on the 15th for part 4 of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. 

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